Medic First Aid

Medic First Aid

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About the Course

Medic First  Aid  training  programs  are  recognized  throughout  the  world  by  governments, associations  and  corporations  as  meeting  regulatory  requirements  for  work  place  safety and health. The course covers the basic first aid, CPR and emergency care skills offered by expert Medic First Aid trainers and we are providing the best quality training all over India.

The course focuses on the key responsibilities of a first aid provider complying with the legal responsibilities of a company. The trained personnel are capable of recognizing a medical emergency and providing basic supportive first aid care.


·         The Circles Of Care Concepts

·         Initial Assessment

·         Activating EMS

·         Clearing And Protecting The Airway

·         Ventilations

·         Rescue Breathing

·         Chest Compression

·         One Rescuer CPR

·         Chain Of Survival

·         Control Of Bleeding

·         Managing Shock

·         Ongoing Assessment

·         Warning Signs Of Illness

·         Mechanism Of Injury

·         Emotional Impact Of Providing Care

Key Features:

·         Well charted out systematic orientation

·         Training provided by certified faculty

·         Smart class rooms with video presentation facility

·         Combined with student guide, skill demonstrations and group practices

Accreditation Body

MEDIC First Aid is a reputed member of the Health & Safety Institute (HSI), one of the leading emergency care and response training organizations in the world. Since 1978, HSI companies have partnered with more than 16,000 approved training centres providing training for industry, government agencies, professional responders, and the public in general.

HSI has authorized more than 2,00,000 professional safety and health educators, who have certified more than 19 million emergency care providers in the US and more than 100 countries throughout the world.


8 hours


On successful completion you receive a valid MEDIC FIRST AID Card valid for two years

Duration: 8 Hours

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