Irrespective of the nature of working atmosphere and the use of raw materials and equipment/machinery, workplace health and safety courses are a must for all businesses and industries that use manpower on a day today basis.  Occupational health and safety courses like NEBOSH Diploma and IOSH Working Safely course are highly reputed and widely recognized all over the word, as they help gain comprehensive knowledge and skills to implement effective and sustainable workplace health and safety practices.  At Arbrit, we offer a range of diplomas and certification courses that are professionally designed to help companies/businesses get adequate knowledge about occupational health and safety, and implement best-in-class health and safety management systems for the people who are occupied in a series of risky and non-risky jobs in various workplaces around the world.

Apart from creating the basic health and safety awareness, our courses also help develop the competencies needed to effectively apply and evaluate occupational health and safety principles and practices to identify and minimize workplace hazards, conduct risk assessments and audits, reduce fatal accidents and injuries, reduce risks of legal actions related to workers’ compensations and liability claims, and identifydue diligence evidences, should a workplace incident occurs.

Arbrit is accredited to provide an array of health & safety diplomas and certification courses from leading providers like NEBOSH, IOSH, OSHA, HACCP, and HABC. Our courses are ideal for both ordinary workers and aspiring occupational health & safety professionals who wish to increase their knowledge and skills in maintaining the globally accepted health & safety practices that help create safe, secure, and well managed workplaces.

At Arbrit, we have a team of well experienced trainers with sound understanding of workplace health and safety standards and risk management procedures and practices. This successful background along with their education qualifications ensure the relevance of the training sessions that each learner would be offered.

We are accredited to provide professional health and safety courses from the following globally recognized course providers:

1.      NEBOSH

2.       IOSH

3.       Medic First Aid

4.       HACCP

5.       HABC

6.       OSHA

7.       Fire Safety Course


Apart from these, we also offer safety officers training of the highest standard.

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