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Inspection & Certification of Equipments has been recently added to our portfolio of services, in order to fulfill the growing need within the construction industry in the market.

Arbrit will be having a dedicated team of Competent Inspectors trained and certified to conduct inspection and certify a wide range of lifting equipment, lifting gears and accessories. We will be providing Inspection and Certification services to the oil and gas, marine, construction, manufacturing, hospitality and entertainment industries.

The Inspection services will cover a wide range of equipment used for lifting load either vertically or horizontally or both and mean any stationary or mobile equipment including attachments for anchoring, fixing or supporting that Equipment, which is operated by means of motive power e.g. electric, hydraulic or pneumatic or other powered means.

• Construction Hoists

• Overhead Cranes

• Crawler Cranes

• Gantry Cranes

• Slewing Jib Cranes

• Derrick Cranes

• Deck Cranes

• Mobile Cranes

• Tower Cranes

• Building Maintenance Cradles